• Virtual Training

    Interactive training within a completely virtual environment is becoming the more practical approach to 'hands-on' training courses and programs all over the world.

  • Game Methodology

    VIE utilizes game methodology within all of its core products; web and online metaphors, which translate across language, age, gender, and education barriers.

  • Graphics Experts

    With over 20 years of graphics expertise, VIE artists are knowledgable, adept at current trends and formats, and use the latest software to construct visual extravanzas.

  • Mobile Masters

    Need an iPhone app? Android compatible? Both? VIE brings the power of mobile distribution and communication to you, while remaining reasonable in cost.


What happens when creative minds combine with a strict work ethic? Innovation! VIE prides itself on the experience its people have. Whether it be ASP.NET, PHP, Java, C++, C#, high-detail graphic art, 3D Models/Environments, animation, mobile apps, or anything web related, our team has the foundational background to build solid projects, and the tenacity to overcome obstacles.

Quality is key

'Pleasing to the eye', isn't the most important aspect of project development. It has to Function! Our products have exceeded, and continue to exceed our client's expectations due to a vigilance and dedication to quality. It isn't enough to meet all project requirements. VIE prepares our clients for the constantly-changing future.

Problem Solvers

In applications development, when a system does something extra it's typically called a 'feature'. One of VIE's best features is our love of problem solving. Yes, we wear the 'geek' label with pride, and enjoy tackling the most difficult and exasperating problems our clients face. It's probably why all our clients keep coming back to us.

Not just a job

VIE team members don't just work in the IT, graphics, 3D, animation, and mobile fields, we live them. While most people read the Times, or watch CNN, we bury our heads into Wired and the Science channel. We keep aprised of the latest technological innovations, breakthroughs, and bleeding-edge concepts, and then put them to practical use